They're Like Pop Punk or Whatever

by Future Theft

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released August 26, 2013

Jordan - Vocals
Guitar Right - Kelsie
Guitar Left - Matt
Bass - Jack
Drums - McMahon

Recorded etc by McMahon




Future Theft Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: No Wonder
All promise, empathy, rapport
Distorts the centre of yourself
Gazing blind on a self inflicted view
And that is where you're coming from
Addicted to what we want,
Routines make madness

Retrace the steps and burn the maps,
Forget all of what we had
Look at you, no wonder

I could sever every tie, every connection and survive,
Define the dead weight- what makes us sink,
Beneath the day, the face, the words,
Rest in a blameless state of mind,
Where you retreat
Hating everything

Some endless loop matching the steps I take drifting away no progress made this mental state is strewn like spray paint on forgotten walls that no one cares about, still, what choices have we got?
Track Name: I Picked the Wrong Day to Stop Sniffing Boat Glue
With usual reticence, factions locked in mute agreement,
Subject matter secondary; conclusions count for more than premises.
Took what breath you could, then plunged beneath our relativities,
With all due negligence, proudly flaunting slanderous tendencies,
Well that's just me (x2)
I see and hear and understand selectively.
Verse 2:
Kindness is capitulation, I've earned their fear, they need it like I do,
Play him off him, the exercise a conduit through,
Which I validate all worth, disowning all I claim to be,
Well fuck, I never knew, all else I have's in (fucking) atrophy.
I've never gone too far,
I never wanted to be seen to...
Couldn't take it back (I wouldn't want to),
I'll break you, they'll hate you, we'll fuck you, disgrace you
(Verse 3 - octave up)
Had a bad run, thirty years not one prick proven worth his weight in shit,
An objective arbiter, the turmoil isn't my precipitate,
Manifest in endless fights, coursing torrents red with blood,
Banks of broken, burning bridges, last piles taken in the flood,
Track Name: Stay Grounded
Chapters are closing minds, pry dead pens from your ruthless fingers
Time is against us always, iron grips upon the levers
Failed experiments stack up under high priests and traders
No reality in cheat codes, conspiracies or simple answers,

Words are tools enforce the rules they serve whoever makes them,
Our enemies- corruption, greed- know no religion
or race or state or tribe they're in us tried, tested, well founded,
Whats said or left out from wh, how, and why..
Stay Grounded

Blind ruse the best disguise it shelters, shields the obvious
Progress from vantage points pre-determined by history,
Casting the compass to the depths of the need to belong
I could justify almost anything
Track Name: Nia
Take what I can, I'm getting old
Its not perfect but its control
Love is enough smokes to last the day
Got enough to stress about,
Without your shit, the crying out,
Its not harmless escape its what it is

Nia, you're in the way again
Then we kinda new and now we wish
A pitch fork and a burning torch,
Unconscious weight, the guilty walk
You're out there somewhere with your new face...

Fear is something you survive, can't articulate but its alright,
The old man makes us crack up pretty hard,
And that time I shit my pants, wet the bed and made him mad,
Just let some cunt get smart about it now
Track Name: Stoked
In debt to friends love, stubborn mindset, and in debt to my fines,
Avoid the truth along with conflict, and cough up rehearsed lines,
Bares too much too fast, too early, implies being straight up,
Honesty like social status, forfeits any trust
As tragic as ever,
But things are looking up,
Stoked that you're still breathing,
In your own way

What we shared was so elusive, I remember it well
Confused and lost and happy
We'll figure this out, inspite of ourselves,
Still here, still here, still here

Theres no snapping out of desire, want or deserved guilt,
Theres no stepping out of your skin or the destruction that you've built,
Amidst the chants, placards and protest, I hear you crashed her car,
I've moved too far
In the panic of direction, beyond our control
I have nothing on the line
But a 'once was' so I care
As tragic as ever...
Track Name: Worm Food Walking
Maybe its the music but I don't see the point,
Grovelling for blankets in a burning building
Fences, windows, a thousand metaphors
Its the structure of the prison not just the locks and doors,
When the parties over and the resources are gone,
We'll be floor sucking the spilt, discarded, flat, and warm
Have you not learnt from my mistakes?
To hell with common sense, I've got mindless faith

Started out with fuck all, still got most of it left
And I might need a change but we always do, that stays the same
Cos' every city rots the sea, all nation states governed by greed,
We'll build our freedom from scraps, from waste until final collapse,
We can always place the blame on those who rig and run this game,
Or attack the person next to you, thats always the easier thing to do

They bailed for better wages, bands, and better days
For lack of explanation or ambition we stayed,
My excuse is we're just Worm Food Walking,
Wasting for better times until the amnesia breaks down
the bad flat, worse drugs, abusive false friends,
Nothings as bad as you think it is.
The centre of yourself makes a poor retreat...
Nothings as bad as you think it is.

The truth is- we're just worm food walking