I Picked the Wrong Day to Stop Sniffing Boat Glue

from by Future Theft

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With usual reticence, factions locked in mute agreement,
Subject matter secondary; conclusions count for more than premises.
Took what breath you could, then plunged beneath our relativities,
With all due negligence, proudly flaunting slanderous tendencies,
Well that's just me (x2)
I see and hear and understand selectively.
Verse 2:
Kindness is capitulation, I've earned their fear, they need it like I do,
Play him off him, the exercise a conduit through,
Which I validate all worth, disowning all I claim to be,
Well fuck, I never knew, all else I have's in (fucking) atrophy.
I've never gone too far,
I never wanted to be seen to...
Couldn't take it back (I wouldn't want to),
I'll break you, they'll hate you, we'll fuck you, disgrace you
(Verse 3 - octave up)
Had a bad run, thirty years not one prick proven worth his weight in shit,
An objective arbiter, the turmoil isn't my precipitate,
Manifest in endless fights, coursing torrents red with blood,
Banks of broken, burning bridges, last piles taken in the flood,


from They're Like Pop Punk or Whatever, released August 26, 2013




Future Theft Auckland, New Zealand

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