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Nia Glassie died in infancy at the hands of adults supposed to be caring for her. Child abuse, especially of the level of brutality Nia was exposed to, brings out emotion in society like no other. WIde spread condemnation and calls for vengeance, including violence against the perpetrators could be heard everywhere- TV, radio, in living rooms, lunch breaks, bus stops, where ever the topic came up. Just as they will be when the next child dies.
This song does not approach the subject with any stance- that is for the listener to discern. It is also not fact- the first verse is written from the point of view of the mother who neglected Nia, and the second verse is a reflective account of the childhoods of violence and abuse experienced by the males who committed the assaults that eventually killed her. These verses are how I imagine these people would respond. The chorus is a comment on society's outrage, and what we consider justice.
If we want to end abuse, as I believe we do, it will take more than indignation and self righteous anger (or a song). It will take some serious questioning of ourselves, our understanding of power, violence, poverty and many other issues that make these tragedies possible.


Take what I can, I'm getting old
Its not perfect but its control
Love is enough smokes to last the day
Got enough to stress about,
Without your shit, the crying out,
Its not harmless escape its what it is

Nia, you're in the way again
Then we kinda new and now we wish
A pitch fork and a burning torch,
Unconscious weight, the guilty walk
You're out there somewhere with your new face...

Fear is something you survive, can't articulate but its alright,
The old man makes us crack up pretty hard,
And that time I shit my pants, wet the bed and made him mad,
Just let some cunt get smart about it now


from They're Like Pop Punk or Whatever, released August 26, 2013




Future Theft Auckland, New Zealand

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