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Maybe its the music but I don't see the point,
Grovelling for blankets in a burning building
Fences, windows, a thousand metaphors
Its the structure of the prison not just the locks and doors,
When the parties over and the resources are gone,
We'll be floor sucking the spilt, discarded, flat, and warm
Have you not learnt from my mistakes?
To hell with common sense, I've got mindless faith

Started out with fuck all, still got most of it left
And I might need a change but we always do, that stays the same
Cos' every city rots the sea, all nation states governed by greed,
We'll build our freedom from scraps, from waste until final collapse,
We can always place the blame on those who rig and run this game,
Or attack the person next to you, thats always the easier thing to do

They bailed for better wages, bands, and better days
For lack of explanation or ambition we stayed,
My excuse is we're just Worm Food Walking,
Wasting for better times until the amnesia breaks down
the bad flat, worse drugs, abusive false friends,
Nothings as bad as you think it is.
The centre of yourself makes a poor retreat...
Nothings as bad as you think it is.

The truth is- we're just worm food walking


from They're Like Pop Punk or Whatever, released August 26, 2013




Future Theft Auckland, New Zealand

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